Our 8 Best Farmhouse Sinks
2019 Review Roundup

Best Farmhouse Sinks Reviews: The 2019 Edition

Looking for the best farmhouse sinks? We’ve scoured the internet to bring you this collection of the top farmhouse kitchen sink reviews for 2019!

A farmhouse sink is the same as an “apron front sink” or “apron sink.” We use the terms interchangeably in this article!

Overview of the best farmhouse sinks

Here’s a quick rundown of all the farmhouse sinks reviews in this article. Follow the links for current pricing and customer reviews, or keep reading for more detailed information on each sink.

1. Kraus Standart Pro KHF200 Farmhouse Sinks (Stainless Steel)

742 Reviews from $328.29

Kraus one of the world’s top kitchen sink brands. That’s why it’s no surprise their KHF200 models are some of the best farmhouse sinks on the market.

The KHF200 stainless steel apron front sinks are a prime example of how classic style can be merged with modern sensibilities. The timeless farmhouse design evokes the past, while sleek stainless steel construction provides durability and ease of maintenance.

Sizes and bowl configurations

The KHF200 is currently available in six different configurations:

  • 30″ single bowl
  • 33″ single bowl
  • 33″ 40/60 double bowl
  • 33″ 60/40 double bowl
  • 36″ single bowl
  • 33″ flat front

With so many designs, you’re sure to find one that works for your kitchen.

Kraus Standart Pro KHF200 Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink


All Kraus KHF200 sinks are made from heavy-duty 16 gauge T304 stainless steel. As we mention in our stainless steel sink buyer’s guide, thicker steel improves durability but also reduces noise.

Noise is further reduced by thick sound-dampening pads covering 80% of the sink’s base.

What people liked

Kohler KHF200 reviews are largely positive, with people commenting on a number of factors:

  • High-quality construction
  • Heavy-duty steel
  • Easy maintenance
  • Slick, modern design
  • Great overall value

Potential drawbacks

Negative reviews made up a tiny percentage of overall feedback. Overall, this sink came highly recommended. However, a couple things popped up among a small number of reviewers:

  • Some buyers felt the basin didn’t drain effectively due to the slope being to low
  • Very limited reports of rust spots

2. Kohler Whitehaven Smart Divide (Cast Iron)

25 Reviews $1,461.53

Kohler’s Whitehaven farmhouse kitchen sinks is made of enameled cast iron. These are some of the best farmhouse sinks for people who want a traditional sink with a timeless style.

About cast iron farmhouse sinks

Many homeowners love cast iron sinks for their, rich, lustrous finish and classic appearance. However, cast iron isn’t without its flaws. Here are some things to keep in mind when considering a cast iron sink:

  • Very heavy
  • More expensive
  • Difficult installation (may require extra supports)
  • Relatively high maintenance

For example, Kohler recommends against leaving dirty dishes or potentially staining materials in the sink for an extended amount of time. The company also suggest not using scratchy scrubbing devices and buying a basin rack (sink grid) to protect the enamel.

In general, cast iron sinks ares more costly, harder to install, and tougher to maintain than farmhouse sinks made using more modern materials. If price and ease of maintenance are important to you, consider materials like stainless steel or granite composite.

Kohler Whitehaven Smart Divide Undermount Farmhouse Kitchen Sink In Kitchen

When cast iron makes sense

Of course, this doesn’t mean cast iron is a bad choice. Cast iron is very durable and can last for decades when properly cared for. If you’re going for a traditional kitchen style, it’s hard to match the beauty and style of a well-crafted cast iron sink.

It’s just important that people understand the pros and cons of cast iron before making such a large investment.

If you think that cast iron is right for you, Kohler’s Whitehaven models are some of the most highly-reviewed farmhouse sinks around.

The Whitehaven is also available as a single bowl model.

To learn more about cast iron, check out our cast iron sinks buyer’s guide.

3. KES BVS117 Farmhouse Sink (Fireclay)

265 Reviews from $58.99

Fireclay farmhouse sinks have many of the same advantages (and disadvantages) of cast iron.

While it’s tough to beat the classic style and rich handcrafted appearance of a fireclay sink, they’re more difficult to install and maintain. Fireclay sinks also tend to be much more expensive than similar stainless steel or composite sinks.

Despite the drawbacks, there are certain applications where modern sinks might not have the look or feel needed to tie a room together. For these situations, the KES fireclay farmhouse sink offers a great balance of quality and affordability.

What people liked

  • Clean, minimal design
  • Nice finish
  • Well packaged
  • Good quality for the price

Potential drawbacks

  • Some users received their sink with cracks or chips (this seemed to be the result of shipping issues rather than quality)
  • A few users reports of the sink not draining properly
Click here to check out our fireclay sinks buyer’s guide.

4. Ruvati Workstation Apron Front Sink (Stainless Steel)

204 Reviews $399.00

With near-perfect customer reviews, Ruvati’s stainless steel apron front sinks are among the best farmhouse sinks on the market.


Ruvati’s Workstation series of stainless steel sinks have a small ledge on the front and back. This unique feature allows the sink to function as additional counter space when combined with the accessories, which include:

  • Solid hardwood cutting board
  • Flexible roll-up drying rack made of silicone and stainless steel bars
  • Stainless steel colander (30″ sizes and up)

All models also include a protective bottom grid that doubles as a drying rack.

We were initially a little skeptical that these items were just going to be cheap add-ons. However,  customer reviews for the accessories were overwhelmingly positive. Customers loved how much extra space they had after installing this sink.

Ruvati Workstation Stainless Steel Farmhouse Kitchen Sink in Kitchen

Sizes and configurations

This farmhouse sink comes in four sizes:

All Ruvati RVH9000 models are single bowl sinks. We’ve noticed a growing trend toward this type of sink. A single bowl sink simply holds more dishes and makes it easier to manage large pots and pans.

What people liked

Of all the sinks reviewed in this article, the Ruvati RVH9000 series has the highest ratio of positive reviews by a wide margin.

  • High-quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Accessories
  • Beautiful design and finish
  • Price
  • Excellent customer service

Potential drawbacks

Reviews for this Ruvati sink were more positive than any other sink we included in this article. The only complaint we saw more than once was that the steel scratched too easily.

5. Copper Farmhouse Kitchen Sink by Color y Tradicion

17 Reviews $879.99

If there’s one thing that will make a statement in your kitchen, it’s a copper farmhouse sink. This sink from Color y Tradicion is a great example of the rustic, raw charm that copper can bring to your home.

Copper makes a surprisingly good material for kitchen sinks and is lower maintenance than some might think. However, it does have some unique properties that mean it’s not the best farmhouse kitchen sink choice for everybody.


Copper sinks develop what’s known as a patina. This is a deep, warm that’s similar to the brownish color you’ll see on older pennies.

For many, the patina is part of a copper farmhouse sink’s rustic charm. Others may not be so excited about the semi-random nature of patination and may prefer a more predictable sink!

Copper Quality

It’s important to ensure that a copper sink is made using pure, high-quality copper. Some manufacturers combine their raw copper with other metals–avoid these. Look for copper that is 99.9% or 100% pure.


A high-quality copper sink requires very little maintenance. Just rinse your sink well after use and you’ll be in good shape.

Do your homework!

A good copper sink can add a beauty and interest to your kitchen, while a low-quality copper sink can result in headaches and expense down the road.

To learn more, have a look at our copper kitchen sink buyer’s guide.

6. ZUHNE Trento and Prato Farmhouse Sinks (Stainless Steel)

485 Reviews $299.00

The Zuhne Trento and Prato line of stainless steel farmhouse sinks offer simple, clean lines perfect for modern kitchens.

Design and construction

This model is available in sizes ranging from 24″ on up to 36″. Each size is available with a curved or flat front. We think the curved front “Prato” models have a more traditional feel, while the flat front “Trento” version offers a modern, contemporary vibe.

Made with thick 16 gauge T304 stainless steel, these sinks are designed to stand up to heavy use. The well-insulated basin helps minimize noise from running water and dishes.


All versions of this sink include a bottom grid (sink protector), caddy, and drain hardware. These are nice to have considering that many manufacturers require you to purchase these items separately.

Some versions are packaged together with Zuhne’s Flux Faucet at a slight discount. If you have your own hardware you can opt for the standard models that don’t include the faucet.

What people liked

  • High-quality materials, fit, and finish
  • Heavy duty
  • Includes drain, faucet, and bottom grid (select models)
  • Good price compared to similar sinks from other manufacturers
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Potential drawbacks

  • Poor instructions
  • Some reports of poor drainage (pooling water)

7. Auric Sinks RetroFit (Stainless Steel)

21 Reviews from $299.99

There are already lots of good stainless steel farmhouse sinks on this list, so we were reluctant to include another option.

However, we loved the crisp, minimalist look of Auric’s RetroFit series so much we had to include them. We’re especially fond of the ultra-modern flat front models.

Like the other stainless farmhouse sinks we’ve covered, the Auric RetroFit models use heavy-duty 16 gauge stainless steel, and the basin is well-insulated to reduce noise.

All Auric sinks are 33″ wide, so mounting options are limited. They do offer two different apron depths (6″ and 9″) and three basin configurations (50/50, 60/40, and 40/60).

8. Latoscana LFS3318W Reversible Farmhouse Sink (Fireclay)

47 Reviews $679.00

As we mentioned in our KES BVS117 farmhouse sink review, fireclay is a beautiful sink material, but it’s not for everybody.

The same holds true for this Latoscana fireclay apron sink. It’s on the higher end of the price spectrum and may require special considerations during installation because of the weight.

Still, we wanted to include it in this list because of its gorgeous Italian craftsmanship and unique reversible design. This sink can be installed with the flat side out for a more understated look, or with the fluted side out for a more ornate feel.

If the quirks of fireclay don’t scare you off, the LFS3318W is certainly worth a look.