Cast Iron Kitchen Sink
Buyer's Guide

Cast iron sinks are a fantastic option for those seeking durability, style, and functionality.

This brief guide will walk you through the basics of cast iron kitchen sinks and help you decide if they’re the right choice for you.

Cast Iron Sink Construction

Cast iron sinks are one of the most durable sink choices available on the market. This is largely due to their rugged two-layer construction.

The base layer is a strong, recycled iron alloy which is coated with a thick outer layer of porcelain enamel.

The enamel gives the sink an attractive, glossy finish and is available in a wide range of colors. This combination of iron and enamel also means that cast iron sinks are virtually immune to cracking or denting.

Many cast iron sinks are made using recycled materials, making them an attractive choice for environmentally-minded shoppers.
Kohler apron front cast iron sinks
Kohler K-6488-K4 Whitehaven Apron Front

Cast Iron Sink Costs and Price Range

The cost of cast iron kitchen sinks range in price from $250 to $1500, but most models fall somewhere between $400 and $600.

Apron front sinks tend to be more expensive than traditional drop-in models.

Cast iron sinks are close in price to fireclay sinks and are considerably more expensive than stainless steel or granite composite sinks.

Cast Iron Kitchen Sink Manufacturers

While there are a handful of companies that manufacture cast iron kitchen sinks, Kohler dominates the market.

Fortunately, Kohler is a well-established company with a reputation for building durable, high quality products. They offer cast iron sinks in dozens of different styles, configurations, and finishes.

Cast Iron Sink Maintenance

The enamel surface of cast iron sinks is hard and nonporous, making for simple maintenance.

To clean a cast iron sink, simply rinse with water and wipe with a soft cloth. Non-abrasive household cleaners are fine to use for more stubborn food residue.

Kohler makes their own cast iron sink cleaner, which is ideal for removing small marks and stains. This cleaner also helps restore the enamel’s original luster.

While cleaning and maintaining a cast iron sink is simple, there are few things to keep in mind:

Porcelain can stain. Staining can occur from extended exposure to a staining substance like coffee grounds or tea bags. Stains to porcelain can usually be removed with minimal effort and are rarely permanent, although scuffs to the surface may require a DIY resurfacing fix for complete resolution.

Porcelain can chip or scratch. While the enamel coating is extremely tough, a hard impact from a pot or pan can cause it to chip or scratch.

It’s important that any chips or cracks are repaired quickly, as exposing the internal layer of the sink to moisture may lead to unwanted rust. There are a number of affordable DIY repair kits for addressing minor surface issues.

Considering the high cost of cast iron sinks, it may be worth investing in a stainless steel basin rack to protect your sink’s enamel finish.

Avoid abrasive cleaning products. It’s OK to use abrasive cleaners in small doses for stubborn stains, but in general they should be avoided. The same goes for rough scrubbing pads.

Kohler double basin cast iron kitchen sink
Kohler K-5840-5U-0 Anthem

Cast Iron Sink Styles

Cast iron is a very common kitchen sink material and is available in a wide range of styles and basin configurations.

While cast iron has long been associated with a more traditional or classic look, many manufacturers now offer contemporary cast iron sinks that work well with modern kitchen.

See the Ideas & Inspiration section below for a gallery of cast iron sinks.

Cast Iron Sink Installation

Cast iron sinks tend to be heavier than sinks made of other materials, so an undermount cast iron sink may require the installation of additional supports and special hardware for the sink basin and countertop.

Some companies offer DIY kits for adapting existing countertop supports to the specifications necessary for an undermount cast iron sink.

An undermount cast iron sinks doesn’t necessarily require professional installation, but it’s important to keep in mind that undermount sinks are a bit more complicated in general. Given the additional weight of a cast iron sink, hiring a qualified contractor might be a good choice.

Top-mount (drop-in) styles of cast iron sinks don’t require professional installation if the counter is capable of supporting the basin, but the sheer weight of a cast iron sink may necessitate two people to get the job done.


  • Tough and durable
  • Classic appearance works with most kitchens
  • Variety of basin styles


  • Potentially tricky installation
  • May require additional counter support
  • High cost

Cast Iron Sink Ideas & Inspiration

Below you’ll find a gallery of cast iron kitchen sinks. Clicking any image will take you Amazon, where you’ll find more information about specs and pricing.

Many of the sinks below come in a wide variety of colors which are shown on their Amazon page.
Kohler K-5873-5U-KA Deerfield Double Basin
Kohler K-5873-4-0 Deerfield
Kohler K-5870-2-58 Wheatland
Kohler K-5846-1-0 Brookfield
Kohler K-5818-5U-0 Hartland
Kohler K-6625-47 Iron/Tones Smart Divide
Kohler K-6585-0 Iron/Tones
Kohler K-6489-K4 Whitehaven Apron Front
Kohler K-6488-KA Whitehaven Apron Front
Kohler K-6488-K4 Whitehaven Apron Front
Kohler K-6488-0 Whitehaven Apron
Kohler K-6427-FT Apron Front
Kohler K-6427-FF Whitehaven
Kohler K-6349-0 Whitehaven Hayridge Apron Front
Kohler K-5841-4-KA Lawnfield Top Mount Cast Iron Sink
Kohler K-5964-4-0 Mayfield
Kohler K-5871-4A2-0 Riverby
Kohler K-5870-5U-7 Wheatland
KOHLER K-6625-FF Iron/Tones Cast Iron Kitchen Sink
Kohler K-6626-6U-7 Langlade Smart Divide
Kohler K-6491-2R-7 Tanager